In 1993 NPSA was formed by three founding members, Craig Castagno, Yvonne Lucas, and Dick Ewing.  In the last two years it has become apparent that there are differing views as to the direction this organization should go.  We, the founding members have come to an agreement that the original partnership of Northwest Pro Street Association should be disbanded so that existing parties can go their separate ways peacefully.

The NPSA is a licensed non-profit organization and all rights to the name, logo, website, message board, and merchandise are legally licensed and privately owned.  Any racer or group of racers who take on the NPSA name, logo, or other branding in the future will be a complete and separate entity from this organization started in 1993, and must be done so legally.  As of today, February 16, 2012,  NPSA and it's organizing infrastructure are officially dissolved.

Any racer who has paid membership dues for 2012 will be refunded promptly.  We thank you for your continued support and take with us memories of many good moments of drag racing here in the Northwest for the last 18 years.


Craig Castagno
Yvonne Lucas
Dick Ewing